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Watch Iron Maiden Awesome Game Inspired Video

Video games are awesome. Video games are mainstream. Video games are art. Video games are so awesome they’re getting less successful and more successful tributes in other forms of art. While Adam Sandler’s Pixels tanked in the movie theaters even though it had almost everything to become a runaway hit (beside plot holes and horrible acting), Iron Maiden knows how to do it right. Legendary heavy metal group just released their new video, named Speed of Light. Whole video is a tribute to legendary computer games of yesteryear, going from 2D arcades to 3D shooters, and if you are an old school, or a vintage collector –


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Mortal Kombat X Release Date Revealed, Goro Joins Roster

Mortal Kombat X, the new entrant in the definitive gore-strewn fighting franchise, will be released worldwide on April 14, 2015, Warner Bros. Interactive announced today. Nether Realm is offering the iconic four-armed, half-human half-dragon juggernaut Goro in the game as a pre-order incentive. The indomitable Shokan warrior championed the Mortal Kombat tournament for over 500 years, and his newest representation in MKX adequately portrays him in all of his muscle-clad glory. Goro joining the cast of deadly warriors isn’t exactly a surprise; a bit ago it was announced that famous electromancer Raiden would be joining the party, and it’s arguable that it isn’t a Mortal Kombat game without