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SteelSeries Announces Exclusive Heroes of the Storm Mouse and Mousepad

SteelSeries has announced an exclusive Heroes of the Storm Mouse and QcK Mousepad, which were designed in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment. “Heroes of the Storm has been such a highly anticipated title that we were excited to create a product exclusively for the game. We knew that Blizzard and players would want a mouse designed for versatility and that would evoke the aesthetics from within the game. The SteelSeries Engine is such an important component of this mouse in that players can save an unlimited number of profiles and settings for each that would reflect the type of character you’re playing; assigning illumination settings to


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SteelSeries Introduces DeX Mousepad

Earlier this week, SteelSeries introduced a new surface for gamers in the way of the DeX Mousepad. The SteelSeries DeX is made of a low-friction polymer, and it features a unique 3D optical pattern designed to improve tracking accuracy. The 3D special textured pattern consists of raised hexagonal ridges that reduce the contact points between the mouse and the pad. A reduction of contact leads to less friction, allowing the mouse to easily glide over the surface. The SteelSeries DeX offers a fast glide surface for mouse movements, but has a heavy silicone base to keep the pad anchored to the desk. The DeX also


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SteelSeries Creating New Peripheral for The Sims 4

SteelSeries has announced that they will be creating a new line of peripherals themed to go with The Sims 4. The peripherals will include a mouse, headset, and QCK mousepad with the signature all white with a green gem styling for the headset and mouse while the mousepad will feature artwork from the game. For more information, click here.   As you can tell from the image above, the SteelSeries Sims 4 mousepad carries a promotional graphic of the games various potential characters as well as EA’s MAXIS and SteelSeries’ logos. Below, you can see the headset with the green and orange diamond covered ear cups,