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Brazil vs Germany Game Breaks Twitter Records

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Yesterday’s 7-1 World Cup Semi-Final rout of Brazil by Germany will go down in the record books for many decades to come for a multitude of reasons. Sure, Brazil is the host nation and they’ve been picked by many, including Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog to win it all. But yesterday, the German national team proved all of them wrong with an impressive 7-0 display up until the 90th minute when Oscar scored the face-saving only goal for Brazil. Now that we know that World Cup Semi-Finals can have as many points scored as an American Football game, it comes as no surprise that such a


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Google's Big Data Cloud is Predicting World Cup Winners

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Google’s Cloud Platform has been predicting the winners of the World Cup since the round of 16 and so far has been 11/12 after getting 8/8 correct in the round of 8. Google’s Cloud Platform combines Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery and Compute Engine in order to arrive at their final results. According to their predictions, which have been almost perfect with the exception of the France v Germany game (I predicted Germany) with Germany beating France, defeating Google’s perfect record. In fact, Google gave France a 69% chance of winning that game, but the result was 1-0 with Germany defeating France. So, then, why did Google