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Qualcomm Toq Gets Nuance Voice Recognition

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch

As the world of smartwatches continues to move forward, Qualcomm’s ‘reference’ design smartwatch appears to be getting better and better, adding major new features well after the device’s initial release in September and since our initial review. Back in February, Qualcomm added activity tracking functionality, which is something that they had promised when the watch was originally announced. Since then, they’ve added some new watch faces and done some regular maintenance on the watch and the associated app and we’ve been using it all along the time since the Toq has such great battery life. Well, yesterday, we got wind of a new update and


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Dragon Naturally Speaking maker sign a deal with IBM, buys patents

Voice recognition is one of ways of the future. Personally, I view OCZ’s NIA with Brain Fingers technology and Dragon Naturally Speaking as two best possible products to accelerate our interaction with computers, given that the speed of thought is better than our fingers 😉 In that light, seeing that Nuance Communications (developers of Dragon Naturally Speaking) and IBM signed a “licensing and technical services agreement” is a great day for the speech recognition industry. This contract enables Nuance to access whole speech recognition patent portfolio from IBM. Given the fact that IBM was a pioneer in speech recognition technology and used to own Nuance,