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UPDATE: Nvidia owes millions of $ in GTX295 backlog

It seems to us that Nvidia did a neat PR stunt called GeForce GTX 295. This card is maybe the fastest on the market, but the company is not making great progress in making those cards available to partners. We spoke to several sources in different vendors across the Globe, and one thing was the same: for the past couple of weeks, Nvidia did not deliver GTX295 cards and the backlog of already purchased cards is now measured in well over a million of greenbacks. Yep, you’ve read if correctly: Nvidia’s partners sold thousands of GTX 295 boards, and at the price of 520-550 bucks


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Nvidia’s discloses its DP performance limitations

When Nvidia launched GT200 chip, the company claimed around 1TFLOPS of Single-Precision computing power, and roughly 150 GFLOPS of Dual-Precision performance. This discrepancy was mostly due to the fact that Nvidia went with dedicated hardware for the DP support. Every eight-shader cluster had one dedicated dual-precision unit, costing millions of additional transistors and resulted in doubtful performance. Fast forward to January 2009, and we have SP performance at 933 GFLOPS, while achievable DP performance dipped down to 78 GFLOPS. This figure is roughly half of what Nvidia boasted about at the time of launch, and sheer evidence that both manufacturers like to overstate the performance