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Is the Newest U.S Cybersecurity Agency Necessary?

The US has created another cybersecurity agency to deal with incoming threats. Is it really necessary?


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New Trade Deal Means Lower Prices on Electronics Next Year

APEC Trade Deal

A new trade deal signed at this year’s APEC summit has modified the ITA last signed in 1997 in order to improve the flow of technology and products globally


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Ted Cruz Falsely Likens Net Neutrality to Obamacare

Ted Cruz Net Neutrality

In a new political move by the Senator, Ted Cruz has likened Net Neutrality to Obamacare after the President announced his support for a Title II status.


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USA Freedom Act Passes House, Snowden Vindicated

USA Freedom Act

So, remember when the US Government was painting Edward Snowden out as an evil guy and someone that was harming our country? Well, today’s vote of the United States House of Representatives appears to suggest otherwise. Sure, the USA Freedom Act that was passed by the House today was a gutted and signifcantly weaker version of the bill that the EFF had originally backed, but now at least we can agree that Snowden’s disclosures were without a doubt pivotal in passing this legislation. Sure, it still needs to go to the US Senate and be passed there and then passed by Obama himself, but judging


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Watch Obama’s inauguration online

Watch the inauguration of first african-american president of USA online…