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Technology Tricks Bring VR to 500 Dollar PC Level

Bulky, expensive hardware, technical glitches and questionable content are certainly the key barrier to mass adoption of AR and VR technology. Mass adoption is needed in order for any technology to became pervasive. With VR, that adoption is even more important as digital immersion can be overwhelming. As far as gaming content goes, it takes several years to create a big game, if you are being backed by a large publisher. To close the circle – when compared to the global gaming market, market for premium VR gaming is small. Oculus and HTC are both promising numerous experiences that will push those boundaries, such as Top


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Seven Top Games For Oculus VR Platform

There are quite a few games that were presented at the Oculus Connect event, which took place last week. Among a sea of titles, there were several that caught my eyes and in the end, we picked seven titles that are hitting all the sweet spots on the market, from dreamy adventures to action games. They show the maturing of Oculus VR platform, and need to provide sufficient interest to guarantee sustainability of Oculus as such. Given the quality of titles coming out of Oculus Studios, we’re not too worried as some titles are mighty impressive. Luna First game is called Luna, made by some of


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Inaugural Oculus Connect Videos Now on YouTube

Oculus Connect

Didn’t get a chance to watch Oculus’ Oculus Connect conference? Well, now you can watch the most important parts of the conference online thanks to Oculus’ own YouTube channel. There are hours and hours of Oculus Connect content below, so be prepared to watch a lot of Oculus Connect, however, a lot of people anticipated John Carmack’s keynote which is over an hour and a half long. There are also keynotes from Oculus’ CEO Brendan Iribe as well as their Oculus Chief Scientist, Michael Abrash. This is all possible thanks to Oculus selling 100,000 developer headsets to over 130 countries and enabling the VR industry.


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Oculus’ Next-Generation ‘Crescent Bay’ Headset is Not For Sale

This past weekend at its Oculus Connect event in Los Angeles, Oculus unveiled its Crescent Bay headset which offers enhanced resolution and better tracking when compared to the current generation Developer Kit 2. Unfortunately for those interested in purchasing the headset Oculus is not planning to make it available anytime soon. When contacted by potential buyers interested in purchasing the headset, or exchanging their second-generation Oculus devices for the new headset, Oculus said that the Crescent Bay prototype demonstrated at Oculus Connect was not for sale. Oculus’ Crescent Bay headset promises better resolution, enhanced tracking, as well as improved audio. Though it hasn’t been confirmed,


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Oculus Rift’s Next-Generation Prototype is Leaps And Bounds Over Original

This past weekend at the Oculus Connect conference in Los Angeles Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe unveiled the second-generation Oculus Rift VR headset called Crescent Bay which he said was a “massive leap” over the second-generation developer kit. “It’s as big of a leap as we made from DK1 to DK2,” Iribe is quoted as saying on stage. While Iribe cautioned this isn’t the consumer version of the headset, it does represent a fast-maturing technology. The next-gen headset has 360-degree head tracking, enhanced resolution as well as integrated audio. Reportedly, those who tried a demo unit say it offers a much more realistic sense of immersion