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Adobe Creative Cloud Suffering Massive Outage

Adobe Creative Cloud

Some of you may have not heard yet, but Adobe’s ‘revolutionary’ new cloud platform called Adobe Creative Cloud is currently suffering major connectivity problems and has been for the past 22  hours. What does this mean? It means that people that are using ANY of Adobe’s Creative Cloud services cannot access their applications because they simply won’t launch due to not being able to connect to the Creative Cloud DRM servers. If you don’t already have the application open or aren’t already logged into your Creative Cloud account, you simply can’t access it whatsoever. This means that people who are paying for Adobe Creative Cloud


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Facebook Currently Experiencing Outages

Facebook Wi-Fi

We’re getting reports (and have confirmed ourselves) that Facebook is currently experiencing sporadic outages. Most of the outages appear to be occurring on their web-based platform for both users’ timelines as well as their chat. Users can get around these outages by simply using the mobile version of Facebook, which in our testing appears to be unaffected. So, if you’re having problems with Facebook or even getting onto Facebook, simply switch to the mobile version for the rest of the day. The above message is the message that we got when Facebook was down, however we did not experience any issues in the mobile version,


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AT&T Uverse Suffers Another Nationwide Outage

According to reports flooding in through Twitter, AT&T Uverse users are suffering from nationwide outages of both TV and internet service. While there is no official explanation from AT&T or an estimated time of return to service, this is another outage from AT&T’s Uverse service which has been having issues as of late with multiple nationwide outages in recent memory. This is one of the problems with having a unified TV and internet service through one network and one provider. Not to mention the fact that Uverse, when available, is the only alternative to most cable companies that people are stuck with. There are many