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Sony patents next-gen VR motion controllers

As reported by VRFocus, Sony has released two new patents that may indicate next-generation motion controllers. The first of these patents show off a controller with an analog stick (as opposed to a touchpad common on other VR controllers or the buttons on the PS Move wands), and a number of face-mounted buttons. The second offers finger placement tracking and refers to the controller being tracked by a head-mounted display, which could imply a new revision of the PlayStation VR headset for use with these controllers. For those who aren’t familiar with the current PSVR setup, here’s a little background information. None of the hardware


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Lenovo Completes Acquisition of Motorola Mobility

Moto Lenovo Co

After many months, Lenovo has finally closed their acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google, who had purchased it from Motorola in 2011


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Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme Reviewed

Enthusiasts are on a never ending quest to find better cooling for their CPUs.  Air cooling is the norm these days, but affordable water cooling systems are becoming more affordable.  Water cooling is the next step and can provide great cooling effectiveness.  There are two ways to install a water cooling system into a computer. They are piecing together a system from individual parts, or a “closed-loop” system.  Closed loop water cooler contains the block, pump, and radiator in a sealed loop (that usually require no maintenance).  Many companies are now coming out with their own closed loop systems for enthusiasts. Today we will look


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Abstract Software Patents are Out, Says Supreme Court

Abstract Software Patents Warrant

The Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) yesterday ruled that software patents based upon abstract ideas are invalid. In the ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that abstract software patents (where arguments had ended on March 31st) that are essentially based on an idea and an idea alone are not valid. This is basically the Supreme Court ruling that you cannot simply claim a patent on a process by simply taking it and adding the idea of adding a computer system to it and suddenly having it become a legitimate patent. Unfortunately, though, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted thousands of


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OPTiGate: AMD and Intel in the same boat as Nvidia

Earlier today, my friends at Fudzilla ran a story that hit at Nvidia, with claims that Nvidia disabled PCI Prefetch due to patent infringement. That story was true, without any doubt. But that story was actual back in late 2006, as DVhardware confirmed. When OPTi left the PCI chipset market and decided to do what Silicon Valley companies do when they leave the competition world: sue everybody they can. Just like Integraph milked money from their stolen IP from AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Gateway, Dell, HP and others, OPTi decided to cash in by opening negotiations with AMD, Intel, Nvidia and others – VIA included. The