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ExxonMobil launches Apple Pay For Pump Stations

Apple is making great strides with Apple Pay these days. They’ve maintained a healthy in flow of particularly important retailers to join their contact less payment system, adding more features by the day. ExxonMobil is now the first major fuel retailer to accept mobile payment at the pump, including Apple Pay, throughout the majority of its U.S. network. The Speedpass+ mobile payment app is now available at more than 6,000 Exxon- and Mobil-branded retail stations across the U.S. Within the app, customers can choose Apple Pay as a default form of payment from within the app. This allows them a secure payment for their fuel


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Facebook Introduces Free Friend-To-Friend Payments

Facebook introduces Payments, serving sending and receiving money by friends on their highly popular Facebook Messenger application.


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PayPal's Pay After Delivery: A 2-Week Line of Credit

PayPal’s Pay After Delivery feature lets users pay for purchases 14 days after delivery, essentially acting as short-term credit for e-commerce purchases.


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Why is eBay Spinning Off PayPal Into a Separate Public Company?

In a surprise move, eBay has announced it will spin off PayPal into a distinct, publicly-traded company in order to better compete amid a fast-changing mobile payments landscape.