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HTC Responds to Oculus, Slashes Vive Price by 25% to $599

Just as Oculus and their “time limited” summer discount for Oculus Rift + Touch at mere $399 turned into a full time pricing, HTC could not sleep in peace after seeing the tide shifting in favor of its rival, owned by Faceb00k. HTC could not afford to continue selling Vive VR headset for $799 at the time when $458.99 gets you a roomscale Oculus Rift + Touch + Sensor. Ever since its debut, HTC received many accolades and support in the gaming industry. Keeping the open approach to content and not going for exclusives proved to be a winning bet for the company which got


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AMD Prepares APU Price Cuts


AMD (NYSE: AMD) is cutting the prices of its APUs in anticipation of the holiday shopping season and you might just be able to build a fast a great system on a budget this holiday season thanks to AMD. The prices you see below are ‘suggested’ etail prices, meaning that you will very likely only see these prices in online stores and they could actually go lower. For example, an A10-7850K is going for $179.99 right now on Newegg, but since it appears the price cuts have not been made effective there yet, you should wait to buy that APU until they are. After all, AMD


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Is AMD or Isn't AMD Cutting Prices?

AMD Restructuring

AMD has been sending mixed signals about whether or not they are actually cutting the prices of its high-end GPUs for consumers as a response to Nvidia.