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Nvidia Launches $100,000 GPU Startup Prize

Nvidia GPU Logo

Nvidia is launching a $100,000 GPU startup prize as part of their emerging companies summit which runs during Nvidia’s 2015 GPU Technology Conference.


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Hackaday Prize Offers Winner A Trip to Space

Hackaday Prize

There is a hardware contest being run by Hackaday that offers hardware hackers and makers to create something that is both open and connected. This device must be something that can enable others to use it for good and kind of create a cascade effect. A good example would be something like the Raspberry Pi, which has enabled tons of interesting usage applications and spurred tons of people to rethink how we use hardware. The awesome part about the Hackaday prize is that they are offering the winners of the contest to either take a trip out to space on the carrier of their choosing or


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DOTA 2 Tourney Breaks $10 Mil, Biggest eSports Event Ever?

DOTA 2 Intl

We’ve been covering the International DOTA 2 Championships since they announced the prize pool for the event. Initially, Valve, the makers of DOTA 2, put up $1.6 million of their own money for the event and gamers have contributed to the prize pool for the event through the purchasing of the Dota 2 International Championships Compendium. DOTA 2 is a MOBA game (Massively Online Battle Arena) much like League of Legends, which is one of the more popular of the two and is made by Riot Games. DOTA 2 has only officially been out for a year or so (but has been in beta since