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The Best ‘Nigerian Prince Scam’ In The Galaxy. Literally.

We’ve all seen the ‘Nigerian Prince’ e-mails at least once in our lifetime. After several dozen of uneventful and plainly, boring e-mails, there’s a rather hilarious version of the scam circling around the internet for the past few days. In this instance, the famed Nigerian Prince is actually a Nigerian Astronaut, lost in space. The full e-mail was released earlier by ILF Science giving a full detailed review of the said events. The story is rather compelling, the technical data in the e-mail is mostly accurate and true. This makes this a rather hilarious read, albeit some people will definitely think its true due to


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FTC Leads Shutdown of 'Bogus' Bitcoin-Mining Rig Maker Butterfly Labs

Upon the FTC’s request, a federal court has ordered the shutdown of Butterfly Labs, which specializes in building computers for Bitcoin mining. The FTC says the company has delayed shipment or failed to deliver paid-for products, thereby resulting in losses to its customers.