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GoPro Files a $100 Million IPO, Solidly Profitable

GoPro Cam

As we had earlier reported on rumors of a GoPro Hero 4(K), GoPro was expected to be filing for an IPO prior to the release of their GoPro Hero 4(K). This followed a rumor that they had secretly filed for an IPO only days after hiring themselves a new CFO. So, it comes as little surprise that they officially filed for an IPO with the SEC today to the tune of $100 million. Thanks to this filing we now know how well GoPro has been doing as a company over the course of the past few years. In 2011, GoPro had reported a profit of


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Nvidia Mistakenly Announces Quarterly Earnings, Full Report Tomorrow

Nvidia GPU Logo

Someone inside of Nvidia’s [NASDAQ:NVDA] investor relations is probably having a really bad day today, following yesterday’s mistake regarding their earnings release where they mistakenly released the company’s preliminary earnings release internally to a group of 100 people, which potentially violates regulations set forth by the SEC that require any knowledge of earnings to be made public immediately if there is a possibility of that information going public. In order to be compliant, Nvidia wanted to prevent any of this preliminary earnings knowledge from reaching people before it reached the public. Nvidia did not actually email anyone outside of the company prior to a public