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New real-time 3D lighting technique heralded as “Holy Grail”

A pair of computer scientists from Aalto University in Otaniemi, Finland, will soon present a new approach to computing real-time lighting effects that represents a major improvement in both efficiency and accuracy over existing methods. The new technique was developed by Ari Silvennoinen, a PhD candidate in computer science and Jaakko Lehtinen, an associate professor of computer science and scientist at NVIDIA. They pair will be presenting their research at the ACM’s SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 conference in Bangkok this week. Current lighting approaches in games and VR environments are computationally intensive, particularly if software attempts to perform pixel-by-pixel computation of all light paths in a


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NVIDIA Tesla P100 Shows Future Quadro P6000, GeForce GTX Titan

At the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), which takes place this week in Frankfurt, Nvidia finally unveiled the PCIe version of its largest chip, the GP100. This is not the rumored GP102 chip and confirms words spoken by Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and CEO of Nvidia Corporation – when he said that the company ‘taped out all the Pascals’: GP100, GP104 and GP106. The GP100-based Tesla P100 is a quite long dual-slot card, which rivals dual-GPU Tesla K80 in its length. The board features lower clock for both GPU and the HBM2 memory, meaning only the Nvidia NVLink-based daughterboards will feature GP100 chip in its full performance


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NVIDIA Light Field Stereoscopy VR Explained

At the recently held VRLA Expo, NVIDIA grabbed a lot of attention by demonstrating a research prototype of its ‘Light Field Display’ project. Originally demonstrated at the last year’s Siggraph, the project explores another angle at tackling the problem of motion sickness and depth perception. We contacted NVIDIA’s PR representative, Mr. Brian Burke who followed up with the following statement: “What we showed at VRLA is a research prototype built in collaboration with Stanford University to explore how future lightfield technologies can improve the VR experience.  NVIDIA regularly conducts research on future technologies to help the industry find solutions to tough visual computing challenges.  The prototype was first


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Siggraph: Basemark and Crytek to Launch VR Benchmark

Siggraph, the annual get-together of ‘all that matters in computer graphics’ is set to open its doors for the 42nd time, this time in Los Angeles Convention Center in California. As always, Siggraph brings a sea of announcements and we believe that this year, we will see never-before seen focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality. However, finding the right balance for Virtual Reality experience will require substantial effort on building a platform (powerful PC, or streaming server for mobile), and one of key requirements is to standardize benchmarking in order to find the proper balance between performance and cost. With immersive game titles such as EVE:


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Nvidia Launches Five New Cards in the Quadro Series at SIGGRAPH

Nvidia gave its Quadro series a top-to-bottom refresh at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, launching a total of five new cards: the K420, K620, K2200, K4200, K5200. These cards will compliment Nvidia’s recently launched K6000, which takes the spot on the high-end. In a announcing press release, Nvidia highlighted that the new cards in its Quadro professional graphics line are 40% faster with professional graphics applications than their predecessors. The flagship of the SIGGRAPH-launched Quadro lineup is the K5200. It has a GPU clockspeed of 650MHz while the memory clock comes in at 6GHz. The card has 2304 CUDA cores, a 256-bit memory bus and 8GB total


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Shenzhen's Power Moves: China’s Rising Technology Hub Grabs SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Exhibition

China’s Shenzhen is a city on the rise, an example of China’s industrial transition. What was once a small industrial outpost in the 1990s is now a major technological hub that may soon rival Taiwan in importance to the global technology supply chain. According to a release from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), this year’s SIGGRAPH Asia conference will be hosted in Shenzhen in December. SIGGRAPH, short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques, is a big tent computer graphics conference attracting everyone from animators to GPU engineers. This year’s North America SIGGRAPH conference is held in Vancouver, home to a number