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AR and VR on Austin’s SXSW Festival

It’s almost that time of the year – when the capitol of Texas gets to ‘Keep being Weird’, as the hordes of attendees hit the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Just like Sundance Festival, what was originally an indie event turned into a mainstream / hipster bonanza, with large corporate sponsors which offer plenty of distraction. Sadly, that distraction means you might miss what did you come for in the first place. This year, SXSW is celebrating 30 years. Simon Solotko, an AR/VR evangelist who organized several successful multi-million dollar Kickstarter campaigns, teamed with several of his former colleagues from AMD and several other companies and organized AR/VR Austin


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Where Are Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Going?

Oculus’ industry conference, Oculus Connect, kicks off this weekend in Los Angeles bringing developers and Oculus engineers together for a weekend of collaboration. This conference comes at a time where Oculus’ stranglehold on the consumer VR market is slipping. At one time the company had a near monopoly on the market; for the last few years consumer level virtual reality effectively equaled Oculus Rift. Now, the market is getting more and more crowded as Sony, Samsung and Google (which is equally focused on augmented reality) make plays with their own VR solution. To try and figure out where the augmented and virtual reality is going, VR World recently