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Apple Watch Pre-Order Estimates Hit 1 Million in US

Two industry analyst firms have estimates of pre-orders that hit the million mark.


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IDC: The Wearables Market is Expanding

Industry think tank says the market will hit 126 million shipments by 2019.


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Huawei Teases New Yet To Be Released Wearable

Huawei finally announces its upcoming wearable, the Huawei watch, opening a demo presentation at its press conference at this year’s MWC 2015.


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Motorola Moto 360: The Best Android Wear Device Yet

When Android Wear was released there were only two options available, the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch (currently being reviewed).  Unfortunately, those were rather uninspired and were pretty bland design wise.  When Motorola showed its design for a Wear device, it really got a lot of people excited as it is a striking design with a round LCD display under Corning Gorilla Glass.  It really looked like a watch and not some band that so many other wearables have ended up looking like.     Taking a closer look at the watch it becomes very impressive after having used the Samsung Gear Live.  The round LCD


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LVMH Brand TAG Heuer to Launch Smartwatch in 2015

TAG Heuer Smartwatch

From the legendary movie ‘Grand Prix’ in 1966 to controversial Breaking Bad TV series, TAG Heuer watches are presented as objects of desire. Today’s ad campaigns feature select number of actors, race drivers, F1 teams, pilots and the like, all touting the precision brought by TAG Heuer. Yet, the most precise watch you can buy is one of digital, not the analogue kind. Secondly, there is not one, but two generations of people that are growing up using a mobile phone to check for time, reducing the need for watches in its entirety. Not even a week after Apple’s event, Reuters passed the comments made


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Will Samsung's Gear Live Change Your Opinion On Smartwatches?

Google recently released Android Wear, their new platform for wearables that currently has only three devices running it. The first two to be released were the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. Within the last couple days the Motorola Moto 360 was released for sale. These are the first generation of Google powered smart watches. Samsung’s Gear Live offering is a nice piece with a few nice features. The body of the watch has a metal housing with a plastic back that incorporates an optical heart rate monitor and the charging contacts. The charger is essentially a backpack that hugs the contacts on the underside


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Apple's iWatch to Have Major Health Focus, A Mistake?

Apple Logo iMessage iWatch Backdoor

Apple has been pushing heath and fitness heavily with their most recent campaign for the iPhone. This can be most noticeable in their recent ad campaign featuring Apple’s iPhone and a series of fitness applications and accessories, which include a multitude of wearables. Their campaign states, “You’re more powerful than you think.” So, what is Apple getting at here, exactly? That the iPhone, and Apple, can be at the very core of your physical and health success. Surely, there are plenty of people that are already using many of these devices on both their Android and iOS devices, so that doesn’t necessarily set Apple apart from