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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 First Look

It has been a long overdue, the time has come to write an article on physical activity i.e. sports. Over the past couple of decades, we’re witnessing a big problem everywhere in a world – people just do not exercise and make dubious choices of removing the balanced diet. From Hawaii to the continental U.S., Germany or Croatia, Singapore or China – high percentage of people on this planet do not exercise at all (I know I don’t do it regularly). If you plan on challenging the status quo with your own body, we have a cool gadget named Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Design The default


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Apple Watch 2 Expected in September

The Apple Watch is not even a year old, and rumors of its successor are constantly published in mainstream media outlets. While Apple is a company would never Osborne’d its product line, rumors will always chase popular products and companies. However, it seems there is new, reliable information regarding the Apple Watch 2. According to, September 2016 is the projected date for the latest smartwatch from Apple. The news does not stop there. According to reliable sources from the Far East, which in fact manufacture the Apple Watch and its accessories, the company plans to release an update for the original Apple Watch in March 2016. These updates will include


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Asus Brings Wearables, Tablets to Computex 2015

Asus starts another Computex by launching new wearables and tablets at the show in Taipei.


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The Apple Watch Gets the iFixit Treatment

Check out what an Apple Watch looks like inside.


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Apple Opens Doors to Online Apple Watch Pre-Orders

You can now pre-order an Apple Watch online.


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Patent Woes May Delay Apple Watch Launch in Switzerland

Local watch brand reportedly owns rights to word “Apple”.


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Want a Successful Wearable? Build It A Solid App Store

Wearables live and die on the strength of their app stores


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The Strength of the Apple Watch App Store Will Determine Its Success

The strength of the smartwatch’s app library will determine if it’s just hype or a sustainable product.


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Pre-orders For The Apple Watch Start In April, Prices Start At $349

Apple calls it the most advanced timepiece ever created.


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Pebble Time Proves a Demand for Wearables

The success of the Pebble smartwatch proves the market wants wearables. But are Pebble’s competitors up to the task?


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Pebble Time Crowdfunds $1M in 49 Minutes, $6.8M in a Day

Smartwatch maker Pebble Tech finds crowdfunding to be a viable means to raise capital, increase margins and improve its visibility as a grassroots effort.


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Asus Introduces ZenWatch to Taiwan

Asus introduced ZenWatch to Taiwan


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Cross-strait News Daily Round-up for Dec. 19

Highlighted business news for Taiwan, China and Hong Kong for Dec. 19, 2014


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Lenovo Launches Fitbit Lookalike

The design of Lenovo’s smartband is uninspired, and looks too similar to the competition.


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Report: Microsoft Smartwatch Set to Launch in Weeks

Reliable sources point to a Microsoft smartwatch launch within weeks.


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Sony Xperia Z3v and Smartwatch 3 Come to Verizon Oct 23rd

Xperia Z3v Black

Sony’s much awaited waterproof, long-lasting Xperia Z3 is coming to Verizon before the end of this month as the Sony Xperia Z3v along with the smartwatch 3


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Pebble Drops Firmware 2.6 and Prices

Pebble has released firmware 2.6 that enables continuous activity tracking on the smartwatches, also drops prices by $50. Pebble just released firmware 2.6 update to the masses that enables continuous activity tracking and app  quick launch. The smartwatch company that was a huge hit on Kickstarter in 2012 and has enjoyed successful growth.  It is now celebrating that success by making its products more accessible by dropping the price by $50 on the Pebble  ($99.99) and Pebble Steel ($199.99).   Pebble took time to highlight some apps that will be making the most of the new functionality of continuous activity tracking.  Misfit app and Jawbone’s UP app are both two of the first


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Japanese launch date for SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk revealed

Sony (TYO: 6758) had enthralled us with its unveiling of the newest SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk wearables last IFA 2014. However, despite the announcement of its availability this fall, we were still left wondering as to when exactly we’ll get our hands on one. Well, the wait is finally over, at least for Japan. Sony finally announces that both wearables are going to be available around the end of November in the country. There are no exact prices revealed yet, but it is estimated that the SmartWatch 3 and the SmartBand Talk will be available in Japan with an equivalent price of about $230.00 and


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LVMH Brand TAG Heuer to Launch Smartwatch in 2015

TAG Heuer Smartwatch

From the legendary movie ‘Grand Prix’ in 1966 to controversial Breaking Bad TV series, TAG Heuer watches are presented as objects of desire. Today’s ad campaigns feature select number of actors, race drivers, F1 teams, pilots and the like, all touting the precision brought by TAG Heuer. Yet, the most precise watch you can buy is one of digital, not the analogue kind. Secondly, there is not one, but two generations of people that are growing up using a mobile phone to check for time, reducing the need for watches in its entirety. Not even a week after Apple’s event, Reuters passed the comments made


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Introducing The Apple Watch, The New Nexus For iDevices

Apple’s live event in Cupertino today saw more than the iPhone 6 announcement; the mobile giant also unveiled its new smartwatch contender, the Apple Watch. Like everything else it does, Apple’s presentation of their new watch was accompanied with gusto; audiences were informed on exactly how the new device would fill out the company’s growing ecosystem. The Apple Watch does indeed fill an interesting role in “iDevice” webwork. The new device is essentially a mini-smartphone that can some surprising things, and tethers to an iPhone to relay content. Apple’s smartwatch is in itself an innovation in practicality and mirrors quite a bit of a smartphone’s functionality.