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HTC Unveils Vive Standalone VR With Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

The first day of ChinaJoy in Shanghai, China saw the largest number of VR announcements we’ve seen since we started to talk about Virtual Reality. Perhaps the biggest announcement of the first day is HTC, who launched a Vive Standalone headset. The first Vive Standalone VR headset will be available only on the China market, utilizing Viveport as its official content platform, expanding the user case scenario for HTC’s VR strategy. “The new headset is set to deliver an outstanding standalone VR experience, making it the best-in-class premium device for this segment in the China market. Interested VR developers may register at to apply


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LG Releases NUCLUN SoC With Cat6 LTE

LG has released their own custom ARM SoC that utilizes the ARM big.LITTLE architecture in an octacore design combined with Cat6 LTE wireless connectivity


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Qualcomm's QCA9377 Brings 802.11ac 2.0 to Market


Qualcomm is bringing MU-MIMO to routers and laptops in order to broaden the company’s 802.11ac leadership and bring more devices into the 802.11ac era.


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Qualcomm Announces $1 Million Robotics Accelerator

Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator

Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) continues to push on the robotics front after announcing its microrover project powered by Snapdragon. Its new initiative is to pump $1.2 million into a robotics acclerator, which will host 10 companies and be located at the company’s headquarters in San Diego, while being run by TechStars which was recently featured in Bright Side of News’* ROAD to ROCKI Blog Series. This is all done through Qualcomm’s own accelerator initiative which is ‘powered’ by TechStars who provides their expertise in running their own accelerator program where they seed companies with $118,000 in seed funding as well as knowledge, advice and expertise. In order to enter into Qualcomm’s robotics




Intel(那斯達克交易代號:INTC)正將希望大舉寄託在搭載Broadwell的處理器,這樣的處理器將應用於平板電腦等低功率裝置,以及筆記型電腦等主流裝置。在Intel科技論壇(IDF)中,Intel秀出12.5吋參考設計平板電腦。這款電腦執行Core M 5Y70,配備2GHz雙核心64位元CPU、4 MB L3快取、雙通道LPDDR3記憶體控制器,以及擁有24個執行單位的GPU和192個串流引擎。 以Cinebench的R11.5版多執行緒基準執行這款平板電腦的結果,得到2.7分,是Core i3 4330的70%,而且遠超出Atom產品線的任何產品,也勝過AMD的Beema和Mullins系列。在OpenGL測試中,Core M取得16.96 FPS的分數。 在Futuremark的3DMark Ice Storm基準測試中,這台參考平板電腦拿下46,097分,比Qualcomm Snapdragon 800的快了一倍。同樣地,在SunSpider JavaScript基準測試中,這台平板電腦拿下142.8分,比同級電腦的表現優異許多。 基準分數並不是唯一一種評斷CPU的度量指標,但是Broadwell的表現如此優秀還是讓人激賞。Intel將這款電腦的TDP設定為4.5W,宣稱電池續航力可達9小時,這和前幾代產品相比,也是正面的改變。Intel無法在硬體方面有所斬獲的其中一個主要原因,就是Atom系列的能耗過高。在Intel採用Broadwell之後,問題似乎就此解決了。 搭載Broadwell的產品所推出的價位應該會很有意思,能達到的實際基準測試數字也會令人玩味,真希望十月能早點來臨。


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Nvidia Sues Samsung and Qualcomm For Alleged Patent Infringement

Nvidia GPU Logo

In a blog, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) stated that it has filed patent infringement complaints with the US District Court in Delaware (where most US companies are incorporated) as well as with the International Trade Comission regarding Samsung (KRX:005935) and Qualcomm’s (NASDAQ:QCOM) infringement of its patents (You can view the complaints here (ITC) and here (Delaware)) . Nvidia is alleging that Samsung’s devices that use Qualcomm’s chips are infringing upon Nvidia’s own technologies that have been patented. Not just that, but by filing a complaint with the ITC, Nvidia is seeking that such devices that infringe upon these patents be banned from importation and sale within the United States. The devices that Nvidia claims infringe upon their


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Qualcomm Buys Wilocity, Adds WiGig to Snapdragon 810

Cat9 LTE Qualcomm

WiGig is a technology that has been developed by Wilocity with the help of various industry partners, including Cisco, Marvell and Qualcomm. We’ve been following the company for years and have been able to see their technology develop little by little into a truly mobile technology. They’ve moved from a proof of concept all the way to integrating their technology into laptops and smartphones. From our experience, their laptop technology is far more mature than their mobile technology, however they have made significant strides in terms of improving the technology’s performance and usability. They already have their WiGig technology working in some of Dell’s laptops


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Google Glass Gets the Diane von Furstenberg Treatment

DVF Model Google Glass

Google has been working with Diane von Furstenberg for a very long time and if you remember, last year, during New York Fashion Week they did a lot with her in and around fashion. So, it comes as little surprise that she would work with Google to spice up their currently incredibly ugly Google Glass. Google has already taken some pretty significant steps in terms of making Google Glass more visually appealing, including their partnership with Luxottica. However, Luxottica is mostly a manufacturer of glasses and still works very close with most of the designer brands in order to ensure that their designs are in


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Your Galaxy S5 is Now Obsolete, The Galaxy S5 LTE-A is Here

Galaxy S5 LTE-A Title

Did you just buy a Galaxy S5? Did you wait? Because if you waited, you’ll be glad you did. SAMMOBILE just posted all of the official details about the Galaxy S5 LTE-A (LTE-Advanced) and just pulled it, but thanks to Google Cache, we’ve got all the details. What makes this new phone so much better than the Galaxy S5? Well, it isn’t anything like what the Galaxy S4 LTE-A was to the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S5 LTE-A is actually a complete and utter upgrade over the current Galaxy S5. First and foremost, it has LTE-Advanced which makes it incredibly capable of delivering high-speed data


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Chinese Company, Transtar, Makes a Perfect Samsung Galaxy Mega Copy

Galaxy Mega

It isn’t very often that we see knock offs of mainstream products that are really good ones, and it isn’t very often that they come forward to us and proudly exclaim how well they’ve managed to copy a popular product, but today we got both. The company that contacted us, Transtar, proudly exclaimed how they’ve managed to make a 1:1 copy of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3″ phone. And to be honest, by looking at it, it is actually really hard to tell the difference between the phone they’ve made and the phone Samsung makes. The Galaxy Mega itself isn’t an incredibly complex phone, or


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Is Qualcomm Behind the Lack of High-End LTE-enabled PC Gadgetry?

Held in the New York City-sized, yet younger than many of us, Shenzhen metropolis, the last weeks’ IDF provided quite a number of announcements which you can anyway read on the usual press release reprinting web sites. Here’s something that you might not find that easily, though… During my walkabout IDF Shenzhen tours, I had a chat with one high end OEM who was twice evaluating a 2-in-1 very high end LTE enabled Haswell ultrabook & tablet combo device with a built-in full LTE capability and the integrated pop-up SIM card slot. After all, if having a local LTE SIM card, you are far more


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Qualcomm Announces 20nm Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810 64-Bit Chips

Cat9 LTE Qualcomm

Qualcomm has been fairly quiet about their high-end ambitions after what is expected to follow the soon-to-launch Snapdragon 805 chipset. The Snapdragon 805 is Qualcomm’s chip that will likely ship in devices next quarter and is marketed by Qualcomm as their 4K chip with the Adreno 420 GPU. Now, even though the Snapdragon 805 (APQ8084) is a very powerful chip, it lacks 64-bit capability and doesn’t have an integrated modem, requiring a separate modem like Qualcomm’s 20nm MDM9x35 to enable cellular capability. It also sports an improved Krait CPU with a Krait 450 CPU compared to the Snapdragon 801 and 800’s Krait 400. However, it