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Sony's VAIO PC Versus VAIO PC: What's the Difference?

VAIO PCs, from Sony’s spun-off division, are now getting redistributed in Japan. But what’s the difference? It’s been almost a month since VAIO’s resurrection, and about a week after its official return to the consumer tech market. While it is not particularly exciting news for the average Japanese tech consumer, its return nevertheless still evoked genuine curiosity. Just how would it really make itself stand out in this post-Sony era you ask? A Japanese tech blog took the simplest idea of comparing the old and new, to see how each other would fare. For the comparison, the unit chosen was the VAIO Pro 13, pitting its old Sony VAIO PC


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Sony, Panasonic and Other Companies Form OLED Industry Group

Japan’s biggest tech giants, along with other Japanese corporate entities have banded together to form a new company in the name of OLED technology. Sony, Panasonic, the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), and Japan Display (JDI) have announced their collaborative plans to establish a new company, JOLED. The new company will spearhead the integration of both corporation’s research and development efforts into the commercialization of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology. The main focus of JOLED is the acceleration of the development of OLED technology, to widen its prevalence in the consumer tech market. From a production standpoint, research will be focused on the development of


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The Playstation 4 is a Bright Spot for Stumbling Sony

Sony Playstation 4

For shareholders of Sony, the company’s most recent earnings report was likely the small piece of good news they had long waited for. Buoyed by strong sales of the Playstation 4, the much leaner Sony — which had recently shed its PC business, shares in Square Enix and spun off its TV business into a separate subsidiary — posted a profit for the first quarter of its fiscal year spanning from April to June 30. In a conference call with investors and subsequent earnings release, Sony announced it had sold a combined total of 3.5 million PS3 and PS4 units in the quarter. While Sony has


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Get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for Free!

The Sims 2

EA has been doing this a lot lately, giving away slightly out of date games to Origin users for free. They appear to be continuing to do this in order to promote their Origin service and to get people acquainted with it better. This time around, they’re giving away The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, absolutely and totally for free. All you have to do is install Origin on your PC and then create an account and once you’ve logged into your account you can use the following code “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS” and then the game will magically pop up in your game library. Do keep in mind,


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Xiaomi Launches The Mi4 Premium Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi has finally released their latest flagship smartphone and it comes as no surprise that it will be called the Mi4. The Xiaomi Mi4 is a culmination of the company’s tireless design work and their years of experience in making and some may even say knocking-off smartphones. There’s no doubt that the Xiaomi Mi3 felt like a bizarre mix of a Nokia phone and some other Android phones in terms of design. So, clearly Xiaomi wanted to have a more unique design themselves and to build a quality device. Because of this, they’ve opted to build the Xiaomi Mi4’s body completely out of metal, to give


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AMD Posts Weaker Than Expected Earnings, Stock Plunges


Yesterday, AMD reported their earnings for the second quarter of 2014, with a lot of investors watching to see if AMD can complete their turnaround. They reported a net loss of $36 million even though they had an operating income of $63 million on $1.44 billion in revenue. Their non-GAAP operating income was $67 million and a non-GAAP profit of $17 million with the exclusion of the $49 million loss from debt redemption in the quarter, pushing the company’s GAAP earnings figures into the negative once again. Based upon these figures, this translates to a loss per share of $0.05, slightly more than what some


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Nikon Releases The D810, A Mediocre Upgrade

Nikon D810

You know, I was worried that Nikon was going to release the Nikon D810 and render my D800 irrelevant or unimportant, but if anything, they’ve done the exact opposite. I know that it isn’t easy trying to improve upon a camera when the sensor you’re working with is near or at the pinnacle of where sensor technology currently sits. However, if you look at what Sony has done with the very same 36.3 Megapixel sensors, it seems like a tale of two worlds. With Sony, you’ve got the a7, a7R and the a7S, all of which have a lot of unique features and encourage you


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Sony Bend Themselves a Curved CMOS Camera Sensor

Sony Curved CMOS Sensor

As many of you know, most camera sensors are flat little CMOS sensors that capture light information from your lens and convert it into digital data (electrons) for the camera’s computer system to translate into an image. And for the longest time, most sensors have essentially been flat and square because that’s just the easiest way to fabricate them and to calibrate the entire camera system. As you can see in the image below of Sony’s latest camera, the A7s, it is capable of astonishing things including ISO of 409,000 and 4K video, yet it still only has a flat CMOS sensor (which Sony manufactures).


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Sony Passes Nintendo and Microsoft to Take #1 Spot

Sony Playstation 4

According to sales numbers compiled for 2013, Sony has overtaken Nintendo to be the #1 game console seller in the world, combining both mobile and stationary consoles. Considering the PlayStation 4’s wild success this comes as little surprise. According to Nikkei’s numbers, Sony beat Nintendo out by selling 18.7 million units of their consoles, which include the PS4, PS Vita and PS3 globally in fiscal 2013. That’s even with a huge 20% decline in PS Vita sales primarily due to the staleness of the platform and mobile gaming taking more market share. This is in contrast to Nintendo’s 16.3 million, which can almost entirely be attributed


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Nintendo Says They're Working on New Hardware

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo says they’re working on new hardware, and that they are actually already working on new hardware in most cases immediately after they’ve released the most current version. There appears to be no let up in Nintendo’s aspirations to release new hardware, which seems a bit surprising considering how disastrous their Wii U sales have been. Back in January, Nintendo was forced to cut their full year projections for the Nintendo Wii U by over 70%, which made a lot of investors lose faith in Nintendo’s business plan. However, Nintendo continues to move forward even though they posted a loss of $225 million for the


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Xbox One Drops Kinect, Goes Down to $399

Xbox One

For those of you that didn’t hop on the Titanfall Xbox One Edition deal for $399, it looks like there’s a new way to get ahold of an Xbox One for $399. Microsoft appears to have gotten rid of the requirement to buy a Kinect with an Xbox one for the wholesome price of $499 and are selling just the Xbox One alone for $399. Obviously, this made the Xbox One a solid 25% more expensive than the PlayStation 4 and as a result will naturally mean fewer sales. Microsoft seriously believed that because they bundled the Kinect with the Xbox One it would somehow


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Sony's New 185 TB Tape Drive is Not a Cassette

Sony Tape Drive

Many websites have been talking about the return of the cassette tape with the announcement of Sony’s new storage medium innovation. Yes, Sony has managed to innovate a new standard for magnetic tape drive storage, however these tape drives require a fairly large 5.25″ mounted LTO reader which is usually connected via SAS to a server as a backup to the hard drives on the server. Sony has improved upon the LTO-6 Ultrium standard of magnetic tape drive systems and instead has improved the storage capacity per square inch by 74x. Resulting in a final drive density of 185 TB per tape drive based upon


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PlayStation 4 Sales Surpass 7 Million

Sony Playstation 4

Sony’s popular PlayStation 4 console appears to be continuing its amazing momentum in terms of sales as Sony, the console’s maker, has announced that as of yesterday the company has shipped over 7 million units of the popular console. Since the console’s launch in mid november, only 5 months ago, they have managed to average over 1 million console sales per month. This does take into account the 1 million sold on the first day, but even if you take that number out, it puts the PS4 at 6 million units in 5 months, which still means over a million PlayStation 4 consoles sold per


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Land Rover, Toyota Show Awesome Tech: Gran Turismo 6, Augmented Reality in Cars!

Land Rover Augmented Reality Concept

Past two decades saw the automotive industry trying to push advanced electronics onto a very old and slow serial backbone protocol called CAN bus, which resulted in less than satisfactory technology. This is the main reason why pardon us saying, most car electronics of today aren’t integrated and crash worse than Windows 95 on a no-name PoS system made in rural China. With the advancement of MOST15, ethernet-based optical protocol with speeds of up to 150Mbps (CAN is 40-125 Kbps on a good day – yes, slower than what you used to connect to the Internet in 1990s), car manufacturers are finally starting to push the


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Sony's New A7s Compact Full Frame Camera Takes 12 MP Images and 4K Video

Sony has announced the update to their Alpha A7 full frame mirrorless camera, with the announcement of the Alpha A7s. This is not to be confused with the later released Alpha A7R, which sports an enormous 36.4 megapixel sensor, identical to that of the one in Nikon’s D800, but packed into a body less than half the size of the D800. The original A7 came with a 24 megapixel sensor, while the A7R comes with a 36 megapixel sensor, and now the A7s comes with a 12 megapixel sensor. All of this may seem a bit bizarre and confusing until you realize why the A7S


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Sony Rumored to Be Selling Their VAIO PC Division

On Tuesday, rumors started popping up on the Internet that Sony Corp was selling its money-losing PC business to an investment fund and will focus on smartphones, according to a Japan-based report. Sony Corp stocks advanced the most in more than eight months in US trading after the Nikkei newspaper reported the company is in talks to sell its personal-computer business to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), a Tokyo-based private equity firm specializing in business restructuring. On February 3, Sony denied a Nikkei report that it was discussing creating a venture for the PC unit with Lenovo Group. The new entity would continue to sell PCs


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Recession is over? TSMC, UMC, VIS show large growth in orders

When world recession struck last year, contract foundries were hit really hard, with utilization dropping as low as 30%, sending workers home, introducing single-shift days and 4-day weeks. Largest players in the field, Taiwanese TSMC, UMC were forced to live through all of these measures in order to stay in the black. Courtesy of DigiTimes, we learned that both TSMC and UMC are reporting utilization growing back to 50-60%, thanks to a large number of rushed orders by foreign contracting firms. If we look at a chart above, we see that in December ’08, TSMC dipped as low as negative 31.5% compared to October, while



Recession didn’t stop HDTV in the US

Unlike Q3’08, which shown record shipments and sales of LCD TV units, Black Friday/Christmas quarter saw shipments of TVs falling by 7%, according to a study released by DisplaySearch, division of NPD. Sales numbers didn’t back the trend, though. Overall numbers dropped to 10.7 million shipped units, with LCD leading the way with 8.9M units, 200.000 less than 12 months ago. LCD TV shipments increased 9% when comparing Q3 to Q4, though. Retailers and etailers didn’t want to build up stock in fears of potentially catastrophic Q1’09, but this LCD drop was off-set by massive 28% increase in shipments of Plasma units. Manufacturers shipped 1.3M


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A Must Read: How Microsoft screwed Sony

Bombastic book that explains all the dirty background work that happened in Texas, during the design of next-gen microprocessor for Sony and Microsoft consoles. If you’re into tech thrillers, this is one book to read – and it is not a fiction title.


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Sony demonstrates Gran Turismo 5 in 4K resolution

Past couple of weeks brought two big anniversaries. Gran Turismo dinged 10 years in October, and then Half Life celebrated its won 10 years. Both games changed the world of their respective platforms. Personally, I’ve stated numerous times that the only game I would play on PS3 was Gran Turismo series (borrowed PSOne to finish GT1 and GT2, bought/sold PS2 for GT3 and now considering getting that legacy-enabled PS3 for GT3, GT4, GTHD and GT5 ;-). During Downshift Session 2008 event, Polyphony Digital held an impressive demonstration, showing Gran Turismo 5 (I guess Prologue) in 4K resolution. Sony provided the SRX-S110 digital cinema projector, outputting