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Watch Impressive F1 2015 Teaser and Gameplay Videos


The current state of affairs in Formula 1 is something that kept me away from the sport. The level of predictability simply got to my nerves and the overall appeal was lost along the way. On the other hand, my particular motorsport gaming attraction is growing stronger. One of the upcoming releases from Codemasters, dubbed F1 2015 , is a simulation game revolving around the most famous racing sport out there. But, will it make me (and everybody else) love Formula 1 once again? The teaser below is impressive to say the least. The last Formula 1 game I have played was back when I was in high school, and was one of


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Valve Will Now Issue Steam Refunds ‘for Any Reason’

Valve Logo

As much fanfare accompanies Steam’s new refund policy, some speculate that the new structure is a bad omen for indie devs.


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Valve Will Pull Paid Mods Off of Steam

Skyrim Dragon Mods

Much to the delight of PC gamers everywhere, Valve says goodbye to its paid mods marketplace on Steam.


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Petition to Remove Paid Mods on Steam Hits 67,000 Signatures

Steam Mods

Gamers are emphatically rebuking Valve for its decision to monetize Skyrim mods, leading to massively supported petitions to spring up.


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The Problem With Paying For Steam Workshop Mods

Steam Workshop

By letting gamers buy and content creators sell game mods, Valve has jeopardized the very nature of mods and splintered the entire PC gaming community.


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Will Virtual Reality Take Off In 2015?

Oculus Rift

Could VR see a release in 2015, or does the emerging platform need more work before it’s ready for mass consumption?


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The Rise and Rise of Kickstarter Indie Games


The Kickstarter economy has its critics, but it has revolutionized the gaming industry creating a strong “indie” niche to counter blockbuster titles.


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Asus’ Steam Machine Is Called The ‘GR8S’

Asus GR8S

Asus is making a Steam Machine, and it will be called the GR8S.


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Explore Savings With Steam's Black Friday Sale

Steam Sale

Just in case you don’t have enough games in your back catalog.


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Alienware Alpha Aims To Blur The Line Between Console And PC

Alienware Alpha

Alienware Alpha is a machine that looks like a console but performs like a PC.


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WARMACHINE: Tactics Full Version Stomps It's Way to Steam

Warmachine Tactics Header(1)

WARMACHINE: Tactics from WhiteMoon Dreams is a game that was initially based off of the WARMACHINE tabletop game and was crowdfunded into a full game.


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Christmas Comes Early For Shield Tablet Owners

SHIELD Tablet Lollipop

Today was a day of good news for all Nvidia Shield Tablet owners and potential owners.


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Onikira: Demon Killer Now Available on Steam Early Access


Retro arcade game lovers get a fresh new oriental 2D side-scroller that doesn’t just evoke a sense of nostalgia, but also manages to focus on newer, even cooler mechanics introduced by modern action games.


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What Is Nvidia's #Greenbox?

Nvidia GreenBox teaser

Nvidia released a tweet today that seems to tease a new Valve game release for Android, and optimized for its Shield Tablets.


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Indie Dev Resigns After Making Death Threats To Gabe Newell

Paranautical Activity

Indie dev vents their frustrations with Steam by issuing death threats against Valve boss Gabe Newell.


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Fire and Ice Combat Evil in Conquerors of Kolhar

Kohlar Background_933

A new game to enliven your summer vacation developed by Cuve Games and put out by Phoenix Online Publishing is one month from delivery. Heroes and Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar blends combat and strategies with story-driven and randomly generated adventures in fantasy role playing game (RPG) fun. Gamers will custom make their own weapons and armor to be used by their warriors, wizards and assassins. Fire and ice complete the arsenal for battling more than 130 monsters in an attempt to overcome an ancient evil. Scenarios become more and more challenging to be met with collected mystical artifacts that enhance your ability to win. Jerome Bodin,


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New Steam Account Phishing Method Discovered

Steam Logo

The guys and girls over at Malwarebytes have uncovered a new method of Steam account phishing which gets around Valve’s own Steam Guard service. Valve’s Steam Guard service is a serviced designed by Valve to make sure that people’s account credentials aren’t being stolen by other people and using them on their own computers. This both acts to protect users’ accounts and acts as a sort of level of DRM to protect the content from people unauthorized to use it. From my expereince, Valve’s Steam Guard has worked quite well and always sends me an email whenever I log in from a new machine or


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Nvidia SHIELD Marketing Continues with HL2 Crowbar


So, we already reported to you about the cake we got from Nvidia along with an Aperture Laboratories-themed letter, as well as the ultimate result of Portal arriving on the SHIELD with a short review of our experience and some screen shots. Well, Nvidia’s viral marketing doesn’t stop there with SHIELD as today we received a bright green crowbar from Nvidia that simply said, “What Would Gordon Do?” This is a clear allusion to Half Life 2, and as if that isn’t enough, they also have the Half-Life 2 and SHIELD logos emblazoned on the crowbar itself. As we had alluded to in the previous


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Portal on SHIELD: Awesome, Coming May 12th for $9.99

Portal Menu

Nvidia has been talking about the fact that Portal will be coming to SHIELD since they announced it at their GPU Technology Conference along with the $199 price cut of the SHIELD. Since then, the guys at Valve and Nvidia have been working feverishly to deliver a working port of Portal from the PC to SHIELD. Well, we got an early access to the APK a few days ago and we’ve been playing it ever since, and the verdict is that its virtually impossible to tell whether or not I’m playing on my PC or on my SHIELD. I’ve played Portal before on my PC


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STEAM: Intel 8-core Skulltrail almost outsold 3-core Phenom X3

Recession, what recession? $10,000 computers almost outsold $600 ones, as proved by Steam Hardware Survey, questioning more than 16 million gamers worldwide.