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New Steam Account Phishing Method Discovered

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The guys and girls over at Malwarebytes have uncovered a new method of Steam account phishing which gets around Valve’s own Steam Guard service. Valve’s Steam Guard service is a serviced designed by Valve to make sure that people’s account credentials aren’t being stolen by other people and using them on their own computers. This both acts to protect users’ accounts and acts as a sort of level of DRM to protect the content from people unauthorized to use it. From my expereince, Valve’s Steam Guard has worked quite well and always sends me an email whenever I log in from a new machine or


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Happy Birthday, Half-Life

Today is a special day, since it marks 10th birthday of Half-Life, game that changed the world of shooters and brought then unknown Valve into the limelight. Half-Life titles sold in over 20 million units, and with launch of Steam, the company confirmed that it will remain innovative in the future. I’ve met Gabe and Doug on several dozen occassions, and these guys are just “body of evidence” where bold thinking can lead you. Gabe Newell wasn’t afraid to show how crappy his code runs on GeForce FX 5800/5900 cards, the company launched distribution model that changed the way how games are bought and there