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Saturday Light Special: Blast from (Croatian) past

Today was a pretty remarkable day… technologically-challenged friend of mine brought a computer for debugging and after a while, I managed to get to the bottom of it. What made this repair special was the fact that this computer was a part of action made by Croatian Telecom, then known as HThinet. This sales action was impressive – for 24 months, you would pay 50 EUR every month to get 56Kb modem connection and a computer that was maybe 500 EUR worth. Maybe. Anyways, this brought memories of yesteryear and this poster. I will not translate the content, but I know that almost every reader


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Croatia: World of Warcraft beats iPhone 3G

After all the media fanfare about iPhone 3G and the goodness that the gadget brings, we have heard reports about T-Com demanding 6-month subscription in advance and similar consumer-unfriendly tactics. However, mainstream media didn’t exactly show in droves to see more several thousand people that waited in Zagreb and hundreds of people in several other cities in Croatia – these people waited for World of Warcraft: The Wrath of Lich King add-on. The price was set at $60 for the regular and $120 for the Collector’s Edition – and yes, there were many happy faces walking off with the Collector’s Edition. However, during the great


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UPDATE: Over 7000 iPhones sold in Croatia on Day One

iPhone debuted in Croatia today, and became an instant hit with more than 7000 devices sold in first 8 hours of being on the street. Now, if you had any perception about Croatia being a “country in development”, “emerging market”, “people eat food from cans” (quite popular assumption from my former british colleagues… even though their cuisine was pretty pathetic), think again. Prices for the iPhone 3G range from 25 cents to over $800, depending on your subscription model. Yes, you can buy the iPhone 3G for measily 25 cents, not a typo. But, only if you want to pay monthly subscription of $100, that