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Vaio To Unveil New Tablet PC?

Vaio may have shown its determination to get back into the tech market in Japan, but we haven’t really heard anything about any international plans or announcements by the company. Until now it seems, as the company might just have a surprise in store for everyone next month. Vaio gave an indirect, but not-so-cryptic announcement recently of its participation as a sponsor in the upcoming Adobe Max 2014 next month. Within the description of the company at the official event website, it announced that it “will showcase a prototype tablet PC designed by and designed for creative professionals”. The announcement did not just hint, but


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Best Buy CEO Sees Tablet Sales Plummeting

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Are tablets finally reaching the point of saturation? According to Best Buy’s CEO, Hubert Joly, they are “crashing” as he stated in an interview with recode. In fact, Hubert says that they’ve seen a revival of the PC’s growth in sales within Best Buy which accurately depicts some of the trends we’re seeing in the industry as a whole with Intel and others reporting better earnings quarter after quarter. Hubert partially attributes it to the fact that Microsoft stopped supporting XP and the fact that there are now thinner, more portable PC formfactors that also act as tablets. Best Buy [NYSE:BBY] has been struggling as of