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Verizon Deems Day November 26th Connection Day

Connection Day

Verizon is trying to make people’s travels during the holidays easier with Connection Day by giving everyone digital gifts to make travel just a bit easier


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San Diego LAN-A-THON This Weekend


San Diego LAN-A-THON This Weekend mostly for PC Gamers interested in playing League of Legends, CS:GO, Starcraft 2 or almost any other game.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

After a day break due to mechanical issues over at, the PALIT Folding@Home 2008 stats are updated with latest data. The challenge will continue to receive updates on daily basis on every day of the week, unless Kakao goes on strike again. Personally, I feel a bit annihilated after today’s 2-hour visit to the dental office. My sins of the past (on racetracks 😉 finally caught up with me, and fixing them is no walk in the park. It’s 10PM here and I am shutting down – thanksgiving dinner is over and done for me, it was awesome seeing some old friends (Americans that


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Best Black Friday deal is not a BF deal at all

Today Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day all around the world. True, I will be enjoying a thanksgiving turkey 6000 miles east of San Francisco, with my friends from US that decided to move to Croatia. As every holiday turned into a shopping extravaganza, Thanksgiving Thursday is followed by Black Friday, when all stores make fireside deals in order to clear stock for Christmas. Honestly, I’ve seen my share of crazy deals, such as 52″ LCD TV from Sharp for $700 after Instant-Off (get’em!) at Best Buy, but if you’re strapped for cash, all those expensive items don’t mean a thing. What is pure gold though, is


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UPDATE: 55nm GT206 GPU powers both GTX290 and Quadro FX 5800

The honor of being the first product powered by 55nm G200-302 chip (a.k.a. GT206/212) went to Quadro FX 4800/5800, products that launched with a lot of fanfare earlier today. Besides Quadro FX 4800 and 5800, the new 55nm GPU will also power GeForce GTX 270 and 290. Essentially, we’re talking about the same parts. Quadro FX 4800 is nothing more but GTX270 with double the amount of video memory, while Quadro FX 5800 is equal to GTX290, but with four times the video memory. ATI is not sleeping, as the company is preparing an RV790 part , beefed-up version of already existing RV770 chip. G200-302