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200th Story: AMD’s cybersquatter wants 7500 Euro for TFC domain

AMD’s foundry company got cybersquatted, but obviously, that is not enough.


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AMD to split into two on 1st Day of CeBIT 2009

Shareholder vote passed, AMD is splitting into AMD and AMD Global Foundry on March 2, 2009.


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AMD stockholders fess up the vote

Today was the D Day for the separation of AMD into two… or was it? Believe it or not, but the stockholders failed to bring enough votes on the proposal of splitting into The Foundry Company and AMD. What happened? AMD’s leadership had to receive a Yes vote from more than 50% of all stockholders. Sadly for AMD’s management, the company had a glitch in the system and sent out necessary 400-page documentation only in the dying days of January. We are unsure why this happened, especially with the vote as important as this one. By this morning, AMD received 42% of all stockholders, with