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The Guardian and Washington Post Win Pulitzer Prize for NSA Coverage

The Guardian and Washington Post have both won a shared Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the Edward Snowden leak that ultimately led to the world discovering the breadth of the NSA’s surveillance programs. Their initial coverage, which we covered, we have followed and covered numerous NSA-related revelations that have come out of both the Washington Post and The Guardian, even though, I would have liked to see Der Spiegel included in the recognition of publications that have served the public beneficially by researching and publicly denouncing the NSA’s actions. For their part, there is no denying that the Washington Post and The Guardian have


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How The GCHQ Forced The Guardian to Destroy Their Computers

Now, we are all very interested in the world of teardowns like the ones posted of new hardware on iFixit. But the teardown that occurred back in 2013 in the basement of The Guardian in London was nothing short of horrific. The backstory to this ‘teardown’ was that the Prime Minister had ordered through the Home Secretary via the GCHQ that the Snowden Files be destroyed. This ordered had been carried out by the Home Secretary and GCHQ even though their Editor-in-Chief, Alan Rusbridger, had already indicated that the files still existed elsewhere in the world. They proceeded to force the journalists to comply or