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Passing 100K, glimpse into the background

Last night, this blog reached the 100.000 visitor mark (number of hits isn’t all that greater) and this milestone makes me feel proud. For the past two months, I had battled all sorts of personal and business challenges and I do admit that I reduced the blog to “one-story-a-day” policy. All of this was done in order to focus on launching Bright Side of News web portal, and the time of launch is approaching. Since the beginning of this blog in mid-October of last year, I received numerous positive and negative comments about the blog and about myself (interesting to hear negative comments from people


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Silver anniversary: big thanks to the first 25K

When I launched this blog several weeks ago, my goal was to reach 25,000 readers by the end of the year. I also wanted to see Folding@Home team 69864 entering Top 1000 and overall, not too loose too much time on writing this blog, so that the completely new site could take shape sooner than later. What happened is that today, five weeks into blog’s existence – the site was visited by 25,500 people, and shows stable growth. Folding@Home team exceeded all expectations and is now on track of ending the year firmly in Top 350, maybe even in Top 300. Anyway, there’s no stopping