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FCC Passes Proposed Net Neutrality Rules

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So, even after all of the huffing and puffing the FCC have decided to pass 3 to 2 (along party lines) their Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) that would in the FCC’s eyes promote an ‘open’ internet, which is really a farce. As we had already reported, the FCC got quite a clear indication via their public comment session on Twitter that the public was not happy with this NPRM that they were planning to vote on today. Yet, even though they claim to ‘listen’ to our comments they still passed the NPRM and now move into the 60 day + 60 day periods of comment


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FCC Chief, Tom Wheeler, Sends Mixed Messages on Net Neutrality

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In yet another public blog about new neutrality and the open internet, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, has once again tried to clarify where he stands on the open internet and net neutrality, while almost entirely focusing on the open internet and trying to define exactly what it means. In his blog post, Tom Wheeler tries to quell some of the backlash of some of his statements and previous blogs in a way that placates the masses that are currently angry with the FCC and their proposed rules for open internet standards that would effectively create a “fast lane” for companies that pay for that access