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Canadian government invests in VR training technology

The Government of Canada announced this week that it has awarded a $1.1 million contract to Halifax, Nova Scotia-based IT firm Bluedrop Training and Simulation Inc. The funds are being used to procure the company’s virtual reality Rescue Hoist Simulator product. The contract comes as part of the Canadian government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program, which has seen over $126 million invested in 285 contracts since 2010. Bluedrop is currently the country’s largest provider of courseware. “Bluedrop is extremely happy that the Build in Canada Innovation Program recognizes and supports the innovative capabilities of our company,” said Jean-Claude Siew, Vice President, Technology & Simulation at


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PIXO VR demos new emergency responder training platform

PIXO VR, a virtual reality safety training company, has unveiled their new training platform for emergency response personnel. The platform was demonstrated during the Emerging Technologies Symposium for Emergency Solutions at Concordia University Portland, Oregon, earlier this month. At the conference, teams of first responders worked to contain a virtual oil truck fire within a PIXO VR-created virtual environment. According to the company, virtual reality simulations of this type has many advantages over conventional field training techniques, in terms of safety, repeatability and cost. These constraints on standard training techniques can leave first responders ill-prepared to best handle emergency situations. “Training in virtual reality allows



A Block 50 F-16CM from the U.S. Air Force Crashes In Germany

A Block 50 F-16CM from the USAF crashed in Germany earlier today, with the pilot ejecting and safely landing in the nearby area. The crashed airplane was found headed for a dense Bavarian forest, leaving the plane in a heap of smoke and ruble at the scene of the crash as well. The jet in question is an F-16CM from the U.S. Air Force 480th Fighter Squadron, named the “Warhawks,” which is based at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany. According to the 52nd Fighter Wing, the aircraft was on a training mission and it was carrying a set of six 25 pound Mk-76 training bombs.