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Shop Amazon on Twitter using #AmazonCart

Amazon is never short of ways to enable you to spend your money with them, so it comes as little surprise that Amazon has worked with Twitter to enable you to shop for certain items on Amazon via a simple tweet reply and a hashtag. In fact, Amazon has made a video that explains exactly how this works and how you would shop with it. Now that you know how it works, you can try it out yourself, even though I frankly don’t really think this feature is that incredibly useful. I don’t really follow many brands that sell products so the only times I’d


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Twitter Bends to Turkish Government Demands, Allows Censorship

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As many of you may have heard over the course of the past month, Twitter was banned in Turkey. The reason for this ban was because a few anonymous Twitter accounts had been leaking audio recordings of top Turkish officials talking about corruption and other sensitive issues. Since the lifting of the ban on Twitter in Turkey, the government has been working directly with Twitter to resolve the issue of these undesired tweets. As it seems right now, there are currently two solutions in the works that will allow Twitter to operate in harmony with the current  government. Those two measures include giving the Turkish