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VR experience recreates world’s first major photography exhibition

The National Science and Media Museum in the United Kingdom has opened a new exhibition that combines old technology with virtual reality. Entitled “Thresholds,” the immersive experience recreates the world’s first major photography exhibition. Participants are taken back in time to 1839, when one of the founders of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot, presented what was then the first substantial exhibition of the then nascent discipline. Via virtual reality, visitors are transported to a virtualized room at King Edward’s School in Birmingham, and are able to walk freely throughout the environment. Designed by British Artist Mat Collishaw, the immersive experience even allows visitors to touch



Valet Storage Startup Goes From Zero to Launch in 60 days

With 148.3 million square kilometers of land area, you would think the Earth has almost unlimited potential when it comes to space and storage. However, this is not exactly the case when you live in a crowded metropolis. In many modern cities today, development tends to be vertical, with sprawling residential and office grounds making way for skyscrapers and condominiums. This means cramped living quarters, unless you can afford big-budget real estate. And if you find yourself moving from one place to another, you might find your personal belongings displaced. Temporary storage can be a good solution to address over-crowding in the cities, although it comes


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NSA Can Spy on Any Country Not in the "Five Eyes"

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According to documents obtained by the Washington Post, the US court that oversees the FISA-based activities, also known as the FISA Court, has given the NSA the ability to effectively spy on any country that isn’t part of the Five Eyes alliance. The countries included in the Five Eyes alliance are all English-speaking powers that are England or former English colonies. These include, The UK (who has GCHQ), Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The US is also part of the Five Eyes alliance, which is the fifth member of this English-speaking alliance. And due to agreements signed by these five countries, they have all agreed