Chinese Superphone Maker LeTV Sets Sights On India

Chinese media brand LeTV is all set to make its debut in India later this year with devices that offer stellar hardware.


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Apple’s Support For USB Type-C Shows it’s the Future of Connectivity

With serious vendor support from the PC side and full blown enthusiasm from Apple, USB Type-C is ready to take on everyone else.


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Nokia Returns with Nokia N1 Tablet by Foxconn

Nokia N1 Front

Nokia’s brand is getting a reboot with the announcement of the Nokia N1 Android tablet, which is the result of a partnership between Nokia and Foxconn.


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MHL Alt Mode Enables HDMI Through USB Type-C

MHL is enabling users to connect their laptops and other mobile devices with USB Type-C to their TVs thanks to their new MHL Alt Mode standard.


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Keyssa's Kiss Connectivity Looks to Kill Connectors

Keyssa Kiss Connectivity

Keyssa is promising that their new Kiss Connectivity technology will enable mobile devices to transmit data without any connectors or cables anywhere.


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One Cable to Rule Them All: USB Type C With DisplayPort Alt Mode

DisplayPort Alt Mode

After just recently announcing the DisplayPort 1.3 standard, VESA has today announced yet another major step forward for the entire electronics industry. VESA, the governing body behind DisplayPort Alt actually has been working with the USB 3.0 promoter group to integrate the new DisplayPort Alt protocols into the new USB Type C connector due to be implemented in future computers and mobile devices. The brilliance of this partnership and announcement is that it combines the simplicity of USB Type C with the interoperability of DisplayPort across various standards and connectors. Remember, USB Type C is the USB IF’s own third standard connector (in addition to A


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USB Type-C is The Future of Connectivity

The USB Promoter Group — an industry consortium that sets the standards for the USB protocol — said Tuesday that it had finalized the specifications for the USB Type-C plug, a new type of reversible connector that will eventually replace all types of existing USB cables. The USB Type-C connector is similar in size to a regular Micro-USB cable, but it’s reversible — meaning the same style of port will be at both ends similar to the design of Apple’s Lightening connector. The USB Promoter Group is targeting all sorts of devices for the new cable, from laptops, tablets, printers, cameras and phones. The connector’s