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Samsung Launches New Generation of Ultra Fast SSD Storage

At the Samsung’s SSD Global Summit in South Korea, the company officially unveiled their next generation SSDs. All the models launched use the M.2 connector based around the NVMe (PCI Express SSD) standard. The new 960 PRO SSD is the successor to the 950 PRO, launched at last year’s Global Summit as Samsung’s first M.2 PCIe SSD for the retail market. The new 960 EVO introduces a more affordable option based on TLC NAND flash. Earlier this year, Samsung released the SM961 and PM961, a new generation of OEM M.2 PCIe SSDs. These brought V-NAND to the OEM side of the family and introduced a new Samsung “Polaris” SSD


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Samsung's V-NAND Chips Breaks Limits

Samsung has revealed the next generation of its revolutionary 3D NAND flash memory technology. Samsung, in a keynote presentation at the Flash Memory Summit 2014, launched its newest V-NAND 3-bit/Cell flash memory technology. This was not long after the South Korean tech giant unveiled its new 850 Pro SSDs last month, which feature the second generation V-NAND 2-bit/Cell flash memory technology. V-NAND is currently touted by Samsung as the next step after NAND flash, as it features what is known as 3D NAND cell structuring. The technology exceeds the perceived limitations of planar NAND flash by stacking multiple memory cells on top of one another. The very