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The NSA Gathers 90% Irrelevant Data

NSA Spying

The Washington Post is reporting via documents obtained from Edward Snowden that the NSA is collection hundreds of thousands of records, upwards of 160,000 communications, most of which are completely irrelevant to the target person or people. After spending four months analyzing the data which included 22,000 reports and 160,000 data intercepts, the Washington Post was able to discern that a whopping 89% of the total data collected was from non-targets or mere bystanders. The records obtained by Edward Snowden and passed on to the Washington post spanned 4 years of records that started in 2009 and ended in 2012. Obviously, they are merely a


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The Guardian and Washington Post Win Pulitzer Prize for NSA Coverage

The Guardian and Washington Post have both won a shared Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the Edward Snowden leak that ultimately led to the world discovering the breadth of the NSA’s surveillance programs. Their initial coverage, which we covered, we have followed and covered numerous NSA-related revelations that have come out of both the Washington Post and The Guardian, even though, I would have liked to see Der Spiegel included in the recognition of publications that have served the public beneficially by researching and publicly denouncing the NSA’s actions. For their part, there is no denying that the Washington Post and The Guardian have