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Motorola Moto 360: The Best Android Wear Device Yet

When Android Wear was released there were only two options available, the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch (currently being reviewed).  Unfortunately, those were rather uninspired and were pretty bland design wise.  When Motorola showed its design for a Wear device, it really got a lot of people excited as it is a striking design with a round LCD display under Corning Gorilla Glass.  It really looked like a watch and not some band that so many other wearables have ended up looking like.     Taking a closer look at the watch it becomes very impressive after having used the Samsung Gear Live.  The round LCD


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Woot Crashes the Price of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch to $159.99, an online discount website owned by Amazon just released its latest ‘deal of the day’. And what a deal it is, slashing the price of an Galaxy Gear Smartwatch by 46%, from $349.99 to mere $159.99. Is it enough to kick the sale volume up? Woot! now offers Galaxy Gear smartwatch for $159.99 As you can see on the screenshot above, you cannot order more than a single unit of the watch, but opening multiple accounts isn’t exactly a problematic thing to do. If you want to, of course. By all accounts, Galaxy Gear failed to land on the sweet spot of tens of