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Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin As Payment Option

Bitcoin and currencies

Wave of the future, Dude. 100% electronic.


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The Problem With Digital Downloads on the Xbox One And PS4


Thinking of going digital for next-gen games? You might want to think again.


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Xbox One Drops Kinect, Goes Down to $399

Xbox One

For those of you that didn’t hop on the Titanfall Xbox One Edition deal for $399, it looks like there’s a new way to get ahold of an Xbox One for $399. Microsoft appears to have gotten rid of the requirement to buy a Kinect with an Xbox one for the wholesome price of $499 and are selling just the Xbox One alone for $399. Obviously, this made the Xbox One a solid 25% more expensive than the PlayStation 4 and as a result will naturally mean fewer sales. Microsoft seriously believed that because they bundled the Kinect with the Xbox One it would somehow