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Zotac Uses GeForce GPU for VR-Ready Mini-PC

Looking for a PC ready for virtual reality? If you’re not looking to build a Virtual Reality Computer, Zotac may have what you’re looking for with the upcoming launch of its MAGNUS EN980. It’s actually a ZBOX mini-PC that not only packs a VR punch, but presumably saves space on your desktop or living room tabletop. It also sports a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 GPU (mobile version?) and a sixth-generation Intel Skylake processor, making this unit a possible candidate for the upcoming Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset. The company says the MAGNUS EN980 is its most powerful ZBOX unit to date that “goes beyond


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Zotac Beefs up The Performance With The Zbox MI521 Nano XS Series

Zotac has had considerable success in the mini-PC segment, and with the launch of the Zbox MI521 Nano XS series, it is looking to consolidate its footing in this category.


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Zotac’s Zbox PI320 Pico Mini-PC Fits in Your Pocket

ZBOX PI320 Pico PC

Form factors for PCs are getting smaller and smaller, but Zotac’s new Zbox PI320 Pico pushes the form factor even further. Pico is generally a term that is associated with a certain size of a PC, like the Zbox PI 320, and the truth is that this is one of the smallest ‘PC’  formfactors you can technically build a PC into, even though this thing is bordering on really being a nano PC. It also has the specs behind it to still technically be considered a PC. Coming in at 4.54 x 2.6 x 0.75 inches, Zotac’s new Zbox is silent and small enough to