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EVGA completely moving to custom board design

One of largest Nvidia partners out there decided the time has come to turn the screw back on engineering, and reduce its dependency on current parts that are mostly built by Flextronics and similar ODM giants.
The company acquired engineers from now-defunct EPoX and started working hard on creating products that are not of now typical “sticker stamper” kind. After introducing the 790i Ultra SLI FTW motherboard with own layout and features (digital power regulation, to name a few), EVGA is now coming to market with a series of own-designed graphics cards.

FTW series is proving to be quite a success...

FTW series is proving to be quite a success...

Under a current plan, every product is slowly being upgraded to an own design, enabling higher overclocking margins and making sure that future of Superclocked, SSC, FTW and Black Pearl parts is safe.
During our visit in EVGA’s European HQ, we learned that custom design GTX series is also coming to market. All in all, things are getting interesting. Sadly for EVGA’s motherboard team, Nvidia will not make chipset for upcoming Core i7 processors using LGA-1366 socket, but who knows, we just might see X58 chipset with two nForce 200 chips on it.
Company has rather aggressive plans for 2009, and it will be interesting to see how will their alternative business lines will develop (dual LCD display, DisplayLink adapters, TV tuners, waterblocks).

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