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How to name a SVGA projector today? It’s a Wii projector!

Going through dozens of e-mails can only lead to depression… or revelation. I’ve encountered a press release stating that BenQ is releasing two short throw DLP projectors: MP512ST and MP522ST.
The former is targeting gaming market with quotes such as “ideal for playing the Wii”, while the latter should excel in business and education. Or so the press release goes. The fact of the matter is that MP512ST is geared towards the Wii because it sports a resolution of 800×600 pixels (SVGA), and if it stayed there, we would be happy. But the release continued quoting that an 800×600 projector is ideal for “PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, movies and more”.
Anybody who ever played a PS3/X360 games on 800×600 projectors knows that he is going to get blurry images and down sampled resolution. Other than that, rest of specifications is solid: 2200 ANSI lumens, 2500:1 contrast ratio, HDMI and two 5W speakers. The lamp eats up 185W and will last for roughly half a year (3000-4000 hours). All of this is enclosed in a snow white case. It should look good with the Xbox 360, fairly good with the white Wii and not so good with the PS3.

Wii Projector otherwise carries a dull name of MP512ST ;-)

Wii Projector otherwise carries a dull name of MP512ST 😉

What makes this projector interesting is the fact that it is capable of projecting a 140cm (55″) image at only one meter (100cm, 40 inches) distance from the screen. This is really an impressive feat. Price in UK is set at 430 squids ($740) and will be available at the end of October.

  • This must look really amazingly cool on a screen that big.

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