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The ultimate picture stitch/texture maker app is here!

If you ever worked with combining multiple pictures or creating textures, most of you remember what royal PITA it was.
But, with imageSynth utility from Luxology that became a thing of the past – and it didn’t stop there. Luxology just announced imageSynth 2, application that works either as plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4, or as a stand-alone application.

imageSynth 2 inside Photoshop (Mac version)

imageSynth 2 inside Photoshop (Mac version)

Maker claims that imageSynth brings 10x speed increase over previous version, but we wonder how that could be if the company is not supporting GPU acceleration. Well…the secret lies in the fact that Luxology works hard on optimizing threading on all the CPUs, so a quad-core can be brought to perform four times faster than a single core one. Luxology was always known for great scaling (see Modo), and it is good to see imageSynth receiving the same linear scalability as Modo.
This is “the” utility to create textures. Did I mention that this application works on both Mac OS X and Windows?

Nuff’ said.