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Badaboom’s CPU utilization issue explained

After the first look here, I managed to again speak with Sam and Mike of Elemental fame, who got back to me regarding my comments on high CPU utilization.
I’ve experienced close to 100% load on AMD’s dual-core processor, while AMD’s quad-core worked normally.
According to Elemental, CPU utilization can be high on a dual-core processor if you do low-resolution transcodes (which is kinda the natural purpose of this application). This is a natural latency between the CPU and the GPU that happens during moving frames between the GPU video memory and the CPU and its (system) memory. Guys haven’t experienced this on Intel platform, and the issue will be resolved with two things:

  • Vista CUDA driver improvements
  • better AMD CPU code optimization on our side

With quad-core, even if clocked much lower, there should be less load since Badaboom is truly multi-threaded application that can take advantage of more cores than you can have in your system (unless your home system has 16 cores :-).
As you can see, guys are really trying to fix as much issues as they appear, and note that AVCHD transcoding should be awesome, since they pushed a lot of work in that department during development of their other product, RapiHD.
My advice is that you download the trial version and send your feedback to the guys – they only have limited amount of various hardware, and it would be of great use for them if you find something weird that they could fix ASAP.