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Amazon’s new interface is “the thing”

As the world is getting ready for a transition into a completely new way how we are interacting with computers, the time to adjust the services is also approaching.
With all respect to on-line stores, they cannot continue to look the same in the upcoming age of touchscreens, Windows 7 UI and general acceptance of GPU computing as the engine for visual computing era. In fact, this is the best fit HP’s brand-new 22″ or the higher-end 25.5″ Touchscreen PCs needed – perfect combination, I might ad.

Amazon's Windowshop is just...great


All in all, I’ve been playing around with Amazon’s new web interface, and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with what this guys did. It reminds me of CoolIris a lot (formerly known as PicLens) and I am just in love with it.
It will be a great add-on to Windows 7 touch-screen interface, or on an iPod. Congrats to the Amazon call on this one. You should go and check the Amazon’s Windows Shop.