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Sapphire’s 4850X2 shows some promise…

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Time for custom-designed X2 boards has come. Sapphire Technologies is getting close to release of its own 4850X2, featuring no less than four DVI ports for connection to four possible displays.

Rather long design with 4 DVI connectors...

Rather long design with 4 DVI connectors...

My colleagues from VR-Zone got a hand on a review sample and published first scores. The board scored a index of P12741 and X5728 in 3DMark Vantage, but bear in mind that the test system was Intel Core i7, so naturally the scores are a bit higher than current Core 2 setups.
All in all, another interesting product arrives. But unlike Sapphire Atlantis 2600X2, which featured quite similar layout, this time AMD/ATI is standing behind 100% with driver support and future scalability improvements.

I haven’t seen the board live, but I have to say that there is just one thing I don’t like… all of the heat generated by two hot chips (as we all know, RV770 GPU is not exactly the coolest kid on the block) will go back in the case. Other than that, the design is really clean.

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