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Power Color brings the “cool” to 4870 series with LCS model

I’ve just got word from Andre Santos, PR rep for most of EMEA region that his company finally entered the world of water-cooling products with style.
TUL introduced LCS4870, or ATI Radeon 4870 with water-cooling block slapped on top of it. Engineers went at it, since the core clock is upped to 800 MHz, and memory is set at 950 MHz (3.8 GT/s or “GHz”). Of course, if you decide to void your warranty and install ATI Tool for massive overclocking, this water-block should help you into 1GHz GPU range, and memory should go to 1.1 GHz QDR (4.4 GT/s) and have bandwidth of 138 GB/s. Out of the box, you will get 118.4 GB/s.

Finally, single-slot cooling for Radeon 4870.

Finally, single-slot cooling for Radeon 4870.

Package-wise, Power Color placed both low-flow and high-flow fittings (3/8″, 1/2″), while the retail price is set at 369 dollars.
Some manufacturers from both ATI and Nvidia world like to just remove the air cooler and slap the water cooling one, without replacing the bracket of the card – effectivelly leaving their owners with a dual-slot product. TUL didn’t made such a mistake and the board is proudly single-slot one. Meaning you could put six of them in one of upcoming X58-based motherboards, for ultimate Flight Simulator or Folding@home experience.
Then again, you just might want to have one silent computer 😉

P.S. Guys, why the new card has only 512MB? Why not 1GB model, you could sell it for 30 USD more, and nobody would care…