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OCZ Brain-thingie hits $99 for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

One of major obstacles that any new revolutionary technology has to overcome is the question of affordability. Recently, I published my four-months-and-counting experience with the OCZ’s NIA, and in the end of the review, my only advice to OCZ was to target $99 price-point as the magical mark.
Earlier today, a good friend of mine from Sacramento pinged me and told me that NIA hit $99 on Newegg after MIR check comes at your door.
ocz_niaI went to Newegg and checked it out, and is true – now you can get NIA for $119.99 with a $20.00 check “is in the mail” . Now, I have to warn you that results with the NIA might not be as the ones I experienced, it could be in line with Justin’s experience, just published on Legit-Reviews.
Then again, you might experience the same positive feedback like myself or friends over at, who also took a month’s effort to understand the device.