Overclock the DDR2 memory and win serious money in Gigabyte’s challenge

I woke up this morning to an MSN message from Rita (Gigabyte’s marketing lady from the City of Angels, CA), challenging me to join the GigaByte’s “Can You Beat the Pros” competition.

Can you beat these two?

Can you beat these two?

The competiton is quite simple – all you need to do is either beat or come close enough to world record in DDR2 memory clock, set by Fugger and Vapor (hint: Fugger is actually on the right, while Vapor is on the left – for those unaware of these legends of overclcok).
Actual world record is set at 1508 “MHz” (Megatransfers/second sounds more realistic), or 754 MHz DDR, which brought my memories to back at the day when some readers, forum visitors and even editors claimed that clocking the DDR2 memory higher than 1.28 GHz was impossible. My review of Corsair XMS2-9135C5D was deemed impossible, since the memory was stable for benchmarking run at 1.30 GHz and POST at 1.33 GHz using nothing but air (even the northbridge chip of EVGA 680i motherboard was passively cooled).
Well, for this challenge, you have to get a Gigabyte P45 motherboard, and you could win some serious greenbacks. To be more precise, either 500, 1000 or 1500 of them.

I wish all the contestants best of luck.