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Croatia: World of Warcraft beats iPhone 3G

After all the media fanfare about iPhone 3G and the goodness that the gadget brings, we have heard reports about T-Com demanding 6-month subscription in advance and similar consumer-unfriendly tactics.

However, mainstream media didn’t exactly show in droves to see more several thousand people that waited in Zagreb and hundreds of people in several other cities in Croatia – these people waited for World of Warcraft: The Wrath of Lich King add-on. The price was set at $60 for the regular and $120 for the Collector’s Edition – and yes, there were many happy faces walking off with the Collector’s Edition.

The line went on and on and on...

The line went on and on and on...

However, during the great wait, it was funny hearing people discussing how much fun you can get from WoW and how much fun you can get fron an iPhone… luckily, political topics were a big no-no, and that shows growing up of this burdened country. Organization of the event was impeccable as always, since guys’n’girls in Algoritam have a lot of experience with midnight sales (Harry Potter, WoW). What really surprised me wasseeing more people gathered for this add-on than for the previos add-on, The Burning Crusade. But contrary to typical geekhood that usually stand in lines, it wasn’t a rare sight to see the whole family… or a particularly attractive females… next time you’re talking to a Tauren, be warned, he might be a (hot) she. 😉