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ATI vs. Nvidia: Payback is a beach

Following newly introduced Saturday Light Special, I’ve received an e-mail from anonymous source (yes, I know who you are 😉 ), linking to a YouTube video which portrays the fall of a cute little dinosaur named “G4saurus Defectus”.

Poor G4Saurus is enjoying a big can of Whoopas ;)

G4Saurus is enjoying a big can of Whoopas 😉

Pun is definitely intended, and personally, the world would be a better place if the author didn’t mention some of the things which ATI copied badly (anyone remembers the historical SNAFU patchwork called Crossfire pass-through cable… ah, right. Never existed), but the video is a laugh. Over the past several years, it looks like we haven’t seen anything but bashing of the red team, and now the time has come to hit the beach and enjoy the sweet taste of success. And of course, payback is a beach.
You can view the video here.
P.S. Please don’t send any e-mails about the word “beach” in the title. You all know what I meant 😉