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Sony demonstrates Gran Turismo 5 in 4K resolution

Past couple of weeks brought two big anniversaries. Gran Turismo dinged 10 years in October, and then Half Life celebrated its won 10 years. Both games changed the world of their respective platforms. Personally, I’ve stated numerous times that the only game I would play on PS3 was Gran Turismo series (borrowed PSOne to finish GT1 and GT2, bought/sold PS2 for GT3 and now considering getting that legacy-enabled PS3 for GT3, GT4, GTHD and GT5 ;-).
During Downshift Session 2008 event, Polyphony Digital held an impressive demonstration, showing Gran Turismo 5 (I guess Prologue) in 4K resolution.

Syncing four consoles to get 1080p@240fps... or actually, 4K in 60fps

Syncing four consoles to get 1080p@240fps... or actually, 4K in 60fps

Sony provided the SRX-S110 digital cinema projector, outputting resolution of 3840×2160, also known as “the 4K”. In order to be able to show 4K resolution, Sony linked four PS3 consoles that provided four 1920×1080 images at 60fps each. Every console was in charge for 25% of the total screen resolution, providing breathtaking gaming experience.

In layman's terms, 4 consoles are needed for playing on 8.5 MPixel TV.

In layman

I hope that this technology will be brought forward to the final version of the game. Judging by statements made by some Polyphony Digital representatives over the past year, we might not see GT5 in 2009, forcing us to wait until first half of 2010. By 2010, 4K will be a reality in a lot of Japanese homes, and PS3 will not be enough to capture hearts and minds of consumers that want 4K experience.
The 4K resolution development will follow the trail left by HD, FullHD and many others before: CES #1: Prototypes, CES #2: First Devices, CES #3: Mass Production, CES #4: It is everywhere. CES 2008 saw first devices, CES 2009 will witness first production devices, CES 2010 will see Samsung, Sony and other heavy-weights launching 4K LCDs and by 2011, 4K will be everywhere.